By charging your existing customers for charging, you can simply take an asset that you already own and monetize it.

  • Generate Positive ROI

    Particularly relevant for destinations, by installing an EV charging point outside your business, you could generate additional revenue by selling the electricity to the EV driver

  • Increase Footfall

    Using apps such as Zap-Map or Pod-Point, EV drivers can find locations to charge their vehicles

  • Increase customer visit duration & average customer spend

    EV owners take an average time of 30 minutes to 2 hours to charge their vehicle.

  • Create incentives for loyal customers

    There are ways that you can create incentives for your customers or members by giving free or discounted charging at your business

CrossCharge EV - Benefits

Unlock Revenue 

  • Open chargers to the public
  • Manage opening times & driver groups
  • Manage multiple tariffs
  • Subscriptions and overstay fees
  • Payments managed by software.
  • Full financial reporting

Control Access

  • Open chargers to the public
  • Authorised drivers only
  • Manage opening times for driver groups
  • Control charging methods
  • Unlimited access profiles
  • Assign RFIDs

 Maintenance & Support 

  • Click to fix remote features
  • Automated fault reporting
  • Issue tracking
  • Charger health logs
  • 24/7 driver support

Smart Charging Compliant 

  • Fully compliant for home and workplace
  • Randomised start times
  • Default off peak scheduling
  • 12 months charging data
  • Security compliance

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Holistic data view at work, home and on the road
  • OZEV compliant reporting
  • Monitor CO2 and Nox savings

Intuitive Driver App

  • Easy session starting
  • Accidental end control
  • Real time session tracking
  • Discover nearby chargers
  • Direct issue reporting
  • 1. Design

    Working together, we analyse your requirements and determine the site feasibility and overall business case 

  • 2. Select

    We’ll work with you to select the most suitable hardware solution for your project and source it directly from the manufacturer

  • 3. Funding

    We can evaluate your eligibility for OZEV or WCS (workplace charging scheme) grants and help you through the application process (if eligible)

  • 4. Install

    Our experienced engineers will complete the installation as per the agreed design

  • 5. Operate & Maintain

    Provision of full site management, operation and maintenance with all-inclusive over-the-air software updates

Our technology platform, FUUSE, is hardware agnostic, allowing you to select the right solution for your business.

Cloud-based software allows you to access live reporting, payment, billing and data analysis

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