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Wallbox Pulsar Pro 22kW 5M or 7M Tethered EV Charger Black

Wallbox Pulsar Pro 22kW 5M or 7M Tethered EV Charger Black

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The Pulsar Pro EV Charger (PPR1-M-2-4-K-002) has been specifically designed for modern businesses, apartment complexes and workplace fleets. Discover seamless charging, unbeatable convenience, and remarkable savings in a single, sleek package. Available with a 5m or 7m charging cable.

  • Faster Installation: With out-of-the-box pre-configured 4G connectivity, commissioning is much faster. The innovative backplate design ensures quick and effortless mounting.
  • Remote Management: Empower your charging operations with myWallbox business, designed to facilitate charger management, user access, payments and comprehensive reporting. The OCPP compatibility streamlines integration with any backend system.
  • Improved Service & Maintenance: Embrace hassle-free maintenance with remote software updates enabled by 4G connectivity. Enhanced security safeguards against unauthorised manipulation, vandalism and cyber threats. The user-friendly design allows for easy replacement of charging cables when needed.
  • Seamless Remote Management: Control, pay, and track effortlessly with myWallbox Business. Seamlessly integrate with any backend using OCPP compatibility.
  • Cost Optimisation: Dynamic Power Sharing revolutionises energy efficiency, accommodating up to 100 chargers to lower costs significantly. The internal meter boasts minimal error (<2%) for precise energy transfers.
  • Reliability: Experience uninterrupted charging with 4G connectivity, while the Pulsar Pro's robust design resists extreme weather conditions, water, dust and impact. Advanced CPU technology ensures high processing speeds and top-tier performance.
  • Dynamic Power Sharing: Charge multiple vehicles effortlessly without compromising energy supply. Distribute available power among connected EVs, eliminating worries about overloading the electricity grid.

Key Features of Wallbox Pulsar Pro EV Charger:

  • 22kW EV Charger
  • Designed for Business, Fleet & Residential Complexes
  • Pre-configured 4G Connectivity
  • WiFi & Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Interactive Charging Status Indicator LED
  • Compatible with myWallbox App & myWallbox Business 
  • Internal Meter with less than 2% Error for Accurate Energy Transfers
  • RFID Compatible
  • Easy to Install Backplate
  • Enhanced Security 
  • Enhanced dynamic Power Sharing for up to 100 Chargers
  • Matte Black Finish
  • IP55 & IK10 Protection for Safe Outdoor Installation
  • 5m or 7m Type 2 Charging Cable
  • Integrated PEN Fault Protection
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 198mm x 201mm x 99mm (without cable)
  • Weight: 1.3kg (without cable)


If you select installation, please note:

1. We only install at locations with off-street parking, the  cabling from your home to your charger must not run across publicly owned land

2. The distance from your consumer unit / fuse box to the charger location must be less than 10m (if it is further than 10m, additional cabling charges will apply - please just drop us an email or enquiry if you need any help)

Once your order is placed, we will work with you to schedule an installation date that suits you (typically within 1 working week).

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